CenturionPlus aide les entreprises à garder une longueur d’avance alors que nous faisons face au Covid-19

L’équipe CenturionPlus et nos avocats à la demande travaillent sans relâche pour aider les clients à naviguer les complexités juridiques causées par le COVID-19. Au milieu de cette période de crises et des restrictions imposées aux déplacements et à la mobilité, nous avons des avocats sur le terrain qui peuvent assister votre entreprise dans ses…

CenturionPlus Helps Companies Stay Ahead of the Curve as We Grapple with Covid-19

The CenturionPlus team and our on-demand lawyers are working around the clock to help clients navigate the uncharted legal waters sparked by COVID-19. Amidst this time of crises and the restrictions put on travel and mobility, we have attorneys on the ground that can assist your company with its tailored legal needs. This includes in-house and remote legal assistance.

When Covid-19 and OPEC Price War strikes Africa’s Oil & Gas Sector

While the short-term effects of Covid-19 on world economies are already being felt and put millions in a situation of economic distress, their long-term ones are yet to be fully grasped. In sub-Saharan Africa, the impact will be felt even stronger because the pandemic is being combined with a historic crash in oil prices, putting pressure on state budgets and testing the resilience of the continent’s strongest energy companies.