How Does Mauritius Stand out from Other Offshore Hubs?

Mauritius is widely recognized and internationally acclaimed as the foremost investment gateway into Africa. The country is the eastern-most part of Africa and is a member of the African Union and other economic blocs. Its prime location in the Indian Ocean, coupled with a buoyant financial system and a safe and secure system of law makes it an ideal base for companies investing in Africa.

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Wind Energy Growth in Africa

Modern onshore wind turbines—some of which stand more than 160 meters tall—are a common sight in many countries, supplying electricity to tens of millions of households while also providing employment for millions of people.

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Centurion Law Group at Finnovex East Africa

On 20 April – 21 April 2022, following the recently concluded Finnovex East Africa conference, attended by Caitlin Naidoo, our IT & FinTech Practice Coordinator, she shares her insight on the state of IT and FinTech in Africa.

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India’s Clean Energy Transition

India’s climate change targets are commendable, and they place the onus squarely on the already wealthy nations to demonstrate that they are serious about combating climate change.

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Green Hydrogen Is Fast Becoming a Major Hit in the Middle East

Following the announcement by the country’s Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazrouei, in November 2021, the United Arab Emirates began construction on the first green hydrogen plant in the Middle East. The United Arab Emirates has announced plans to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and has stated that it will oversee investments in renewable energy totaling 600 billion dirhams ($163 billion).

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