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Centurion Plus has embraced innovative and client-focused methods of delivering the legal advice that your company needs. Our vetted and tech savvy On-demand lawyers are ready to deploy whenever and wherever you need them.

What is NewLaw or Alternative Business Structure?

An increasing numbers of law firms across the globe in North America, Europe and Asia are embracing NewLaw: legal services that are process-driven, technology-enabled, and client-oriented. This means cost-effective legal support and a streamlined, efficient service for you.

Our pool of carefully vetted, on-demand attorneys are on call to:

  • Handle your projects on short notice
  • Fill your staffing shortfalls
  • Supply specific areas of expertise to your team
  • Augment or serve as your in-house counsel

We will help you build a customized team from our pool of more than 190 exceptionally skilled attorneys and business advisors. They will attend to yWe will help you build a customized team from our pool of industry specific, specialised and skilled attorneys and business advisors. They will attend to your legal matter in a timely manner, for considerably less fees than you would pay for a full-time legal representation.

Benefits for you

You control costs: You are not paying for overhead, health benefits, or support for employees you do not need. You are paying for your attorneys’ actual services. Not only that, your legal team is not under pressure to meet a quota of billable hours. Their priority is to provide effective and efficient service. 

You gain efficiency: Your team’s sole responsibility will be the work you assign them, which allows them to work with minimal interruptions and finish projects more quickly. Meanwhile, your staff is freed to focus on other pressing projects.

You work with the cream of the crop: Increasing numbers of premium attorneys are insisting upon a project-based model because of the enhanced work-life balance it enables. Working with Centurion connects you with legal talent you might not have had access to any other way.

You retain control over your projects: With Centurion’s flexible model, not only do you hand-pick the attorneys who will work on your projects but, those attorneys answer directly to you. Your priorities are their priorities.

Your attorneys are backed by Centurion: We rigorously screen the attorneys allocated to specific projects. Through this approach you can feel confident in their unsurpassed abilities to represent you. We stand behind them and give them the tools and resources they need to ensure successful results.

When we have needed legal representation from CLG, or their many consultants across the continent, we have not been disappointed. CLG were able to select an appropriate team for the instruction, coordinate all the administration and delivered a quality product ahead of time. They adapted to our needs.

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Our offer is simple. Centurion Plus has the African lawyers and advisors your company needs, ready to deploy whenever and wherever you need them. When a project demands that you scale up your team fast, call Centurion Plus.