Oil & Gas, Energy and Mining

Oil and gas companies have built Centurion, and constitute the biggest portion of the client base of our group. Centurion represents oil and gas companies in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Angola, Comoros, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Niger, Ghana, Tanzania, Chad, and South Sudan.

As the ‘go-to’ law firm for companies in the oil and gas and mining sectors, our clients always expect us to anticipate what it will take to minimize risk, protect assets and enhance reputations when dealing in Africa. We have responded with a results-based approach and have negotiated more oil and gas contracts than any law firm in Africa. Our strong contacts within government and understanding of Africa and the oil and gas industry provide us with the ability to deliver better, more innovative solutions.

Our Oil & Gas / Mining team acts on behalf of businesses and public institutions that supply and support the offshore/onshore energy industry and the mining industry in Africa. Our professionals offer comprehensive legal and strategic advice to solve complicated issues in the field of privatization, financing, judicial and extra-judicial investment protection, compliance with government regulations and legislation, among many others.

Our professionals have a thorough working knowledge of the industry as most of them have been key players. This includes knowledge of the potential for oil and gas development in Africa as well as the difficulties in realizing that potential in our region.

When the client presents us with an issue, rather than construct a series of legal objections and roadblocks, we look for ways to help them achieve their objectives. Because of our deep experience in government advocacy, we know how to navigate the regulatory environment. We know which level of government to deal with for any given issue, saving time and resources.

We also use our legal expertise in advising oil and gas companies and their service providers engaged in subcontracting activities, including the servicing and work-over of oil wells, on corporate, tax, customs and other operational matters which affect the successful outcome of a contract.


  • Acted as counsel to major international oil drilling service providers in connection with exploration and production projects in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and West Africa.
  • Advised an international oil company on the preparation and negotiation of one of the first offshore production sharing contracts in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Represented major international oilfield service providers on the acquisition of local service providers within Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Represented and defended a major oilfield services company in the first and appellate instance courts in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea against a claim of a former contractor.
  • Advised a multinational oil and gas company on gas supply contracts to be concluded with an oil and gas exploration and distribution group.
  • Drafted consortium and construction contracts for gas liquefaction projects in Angola.
  • Advised a US oil and gas company in relation to an existing production sharing contract in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Represented an international oil and gas company in a dispute over the application of a special tax rate under a production sharing contract. Our team won the dispute despite what was considered unpromising previous case law on the issue.
  • Represented an oil and gas company in a dispute on the additional accrual of taxes when transfer pricing rules were applied.
  • Advised construction and oil and gas service companies in Malabo and Bata, Equatorial Guinea on a number of projects, specifically on the tax implications of their projects.
  • Advised a major oilfield service company in a customs dispute related to imported equipment.
  • Representing and defending an international oilfield services company in courts against a substantial claim by a state agency.
  • Advised a technological leader of products and services in the oil and gas industry headquartered in the US on various employment regulations
  • Advised oil and gas service companies on employment law with a focus on restructuring overflow staff, adapting work places, modifying remuneration agreements and agreed pay scale classifications.