Licensing Regulations in the Nigerian Power Sector

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)” is the independent body established by section 31 of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act (“EPSR Act”) 2005 to undertake technical and economic regulation of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.

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La Cour ordonne de ne pas s’excuser pour l’agressivité des avocats. Centurion Law Group et NJ Ayuk l’emportent dans l’affaire du fils du puissant ministre de Guinée équatoriale, Delphin Mocache Massoko

Le 13 décembre 2022, la cour d’appel d’Afrique du Sud a décidé que ni M. NJ Ayuk ni le Centurion Law Group ne devaient présenter d’excuses formelles pour les déclarations d’avocats agressifs faites contre Delphin Mocache Massoko et l’OCCRP dans la défense d’un client accusé à tort par Delphin Mocache Massoko et l’OCCRP. Delphin Mocache Massoko est le fils de Son Excellence Avelino Mocache Mehenga, l’un des ministres les plus puissants du gouvernement de Guinée équatoriale.

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Mauritius: A Destination of Choice for Nigerian Investors

Mauritius has been dubbed by its Economic Development Board (EDB) as the preferred jurisdiction for Africa by virtue of its unique blueprint consisting of strategic location, stable Government, highly skilled workforce, business-friendly environment and modern infrastructure which make it an ideal forum for business in the African region.

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How Does Mauritius Stand out from Other Offshore Hubs?

Mauritius is widely recognized and internationally acclaimed as the foremost investment gateway into Africa. The country is the eastern-most part of Africa and is a member of the African Union and other economic blocs. Its prime location in the Indian Ocean, coupled with a buoyant financial system and a safe and secure system of law makes it an ideal base for companies investing in Africa.

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