Centurion Law Group Submits Request for Transparency to Spanish Minister of Justice on Villajero/Massoko Case

The Centurion Law Group has sent an official request to H.E. Juan Carlos Campo, Minister of Justice of Spain, demanding him actions on protecting the victims of Jose Manuel Villarejo and Delfin Mocache Massoko and ensuring full transparency in the dealings with this affair. Both accomplices are accused of having been paid 5 million euros to spy, manufacture, photoshop and present damaging information against Black and Jewish African entrepreneurs and government officials, seriously damaging their reputation and ability to conduct business on the continent. 

Centurion has notably called on the Spanish authorities to release all the information about this matter to the victims and the public. Spanish officials have an obligation to disclose how much of the 5 million euros received by Mr. Villajero was paid to Equatorial Guinea blogger Mr. Delfin Mocache Massoko and his associates to manufacture, photoshop, extort and distribute false stories to the media. The same obligation applies when it comes to disclosing which other entities received funding from these accomplices to spew their hit job on officials, spy on school children and families, and try to defame anyone associated with them.

The matter has now involved several lawyers from Africa, Europe and the US, who have all invested time on ensuring a fair trial and advocating for the victims’ interests and reputation. It is now up to the Kingdom of Spain and its judicial system to honor the rule of law and transparency by releasing all relevant information to the public. Such transparency is key and has become a key demand from all the victims and parties involved in the crimes of Mr. Villajero and Mr. Mocache Massoko. 

“Spain is highly regarded all over the world for the strength and independence of its judicial system. Such an affair is a test to the country’s rule of law and its ability to deal with such crimes and impunity involving dozens of victims. As the case progresses, transparency will remain the cornerstone of a fair judgement and a fair treatment. We owe it to all the victims in need of closure to share with them all transcripts and information pertaining to the case,” declared Nj Ayuk, CEO of the Centurion Law Group.