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Centurion Plus welcomes New Business Development Specialist, Perpetoa Nyama

Centurion Plus welcomes New Business Development Specialist, Perpetoa Nyama.

Earlier this month, the Centurion Plus team welcomed Perpetoa Nyama as the new Business Development Specialist. Perpetoa carries over 10 years of experience in Sales, Client services, and Business Development across various industries such a Travel, Healthcare, Finance and Digital.

Perpeoa will assist the Centurion Plus team to meet its business objectives and expand its service offerings throughout the African continent. ‘’I am excited to join the Centurion Plus team and learn from industry experts,” said Perpetoa. “I foresee my time at Centurion Plus as being thrilling and diversified as we continue to expand across Africa and around the world,” she added.

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Centurion Plus has the African lawyers and advisors your company needs, ready to deploy whenever and wherever you need them. Centurion Plus is particularly focused on the quality of the on-demand lawyers that we allocate to our clients. We draw on our existing understanding of our clients’ businesses to ensure a good fit and, with a dedicated team who are closely connected with our pool of on-demand lawyers, we can make placements quickly and effectively.