Africa is a complex continent, with 54 countries and countless regional governments. Domestic and international companies not only need to know how to do business on this continent, but they need to know how to do business on a local level.

Our lawyers are experienced in the regulatory frameworks of many of Africa’s fastest growing economies, and are able to guide companies, providing an understanding of local laws and thereby ensuring compliance with local requirements.

Additionally, local content is increasingly becoming a top priority for many African governments. In order to provide for their citizens and secure the local economies, more and more governments are implementing strong regulations to boost local content. As these regulations are passed and enforced, both international and domestic companies need to be able to navigate what can be complex regulatory environments to maximize the benefit to their company and achieve responsible development of the energy industry and other sectors.

Our lawyers, with experience not only interpreting local content laws but also assisting governments in drafting these regulations, are the ideal partners to guide companies through the complexities of national content. Additionally, our team can work with governments to ensure their national content laws are balanced: meeting the needs of international companies and thereby continuing to attract investment; and also encouraging the growth of local industries, leading to sustainable development of the national economy.