Legal Alert: Initiation of local content audits in Equatorial Guinea

Centurion Law Group wishes to bring to your attention that following access to reliable sources at the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea, you should expect the initiation of local content audits and the request of compliance documents from the Directorate General of Local Content this year.

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Presidential Decree No.149, 2019, of 2 December that Regulates Visas Permits in Equatorial Guinea

Preamble: The preamble states that the government following its policies on the desire to attract foreign investors and promote other productive sectors who are offering services which are directly affected by the demand of investors and tourist to visit the country thereby creating employment, Has considered it prudent to establish a new Law to regulate visa permits in pursuance to an invocation of article 21 Subsection b) of the organic Law 3/2010, dated 30 May on the Immigration Law.

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