Informed, dependable and devoted energy advisory

We identify the best strategies you need to grow your energy ventures across the oil & gas, renewables or power value-chain.

Our network of management and consulting professionals deliver the best energy advisory services to be found in Africa, mobilising global resources available to Centurion and working closely with your staff to meet your expectations. Our advisory services include: resource assessments & evaluation, technical & geological studies, gas monetization strategies and management.

Centurion has already successfully:

  • Delivered on turnkey management projects and services across Africa, including but not limited to administrative, technical, legal and financial services.
  • Deployment of full operations teams for energy projects on a short, medium and long-term basis across West, Central and Southern Africa.
  • Combined downstream gas monetization strategies for upstream operators looking to increase supply integration, as well as investors looking to monetize their assets.
  • Advised clients on establishing legal entities, branches, and representative offices and conducting business in West Africa, as well as related corporate, commercial, employment, and immigration matters.
  • Negotiated field service agreements, including for the repair and reconstruction of oil wells and advising seismic, drilling, and environmental and other specialty service contractors.
  • Advised in relation to the possibility of using VSAT technology and the applicable regulation in West and East Africa;
  • Advised a petrochemical company in negotiation for the contraction of a urea fertilizer facility in West Africa;

Mitigate risk, maximise benefits

Your company performance depends heavily on your ability to manage risk and maximise local compliance anywhere you work. Delivering projects across African jurisdictions, we understand this better than anyone else. Our network of advisors are highly skilled, experienced professionals who offer advice that is clear, objective and practical.

Regulatory compliance and legal audits:

  • In order to avoid sanctions and litigations, we assess your compliance with the law by looking into your constitutive documents, operational contracts, licenses, operational manuals, policy statements and internal regulation and identify potential risks, invalid and onerous contracts and agreements. By establishing such compliance reports, you are able to minimize risk, manage and control your compliance costs, and plan for staff training in light of new compliance issues.

Risk Mitigation

  •  Centurion strives to provide you with expert and relevant risk mitigation strategies specific to your goals. With a focus that includes market, treasury and economic risk mitigation, we stand besides you in drafting and executing strategies that work around the risk. More importantly, the Centurion risk mitigation service works to mobilize its network to ensure you get the best possible support in your project delivery.

Centurion has already successfully:

  • Advised on industry-wide oil and gas audit, including review and update of all oil and gas legislation and audit contracts across African jurisdictions;
  • Drafted a Terms of Reference to regulate audits;
  • Undertaking a due diligence of the companies submitting bids on public tenders across African jurisdictions;
  • Reviewed and drafted legislative landscape of all legislation, laws and regulations that may impinge directly or indirectly on a private companies’ activities in Southern Africa.

Money Matters

Centurion offers project finance services supported by a specialist local and international team able to provide support throughout the project lifecycle. The Centurion team and its network have a broad range of relationships with potential partners and equity funders that can make your project a reality.

Centurion has already successfully:

  • Advised a US utility in the structuring of a USD 2 billion stranded cost bond financing (including legislative, lobbying and structured finance transactional matters) in West Africa.

Make it your best asset

Centurion offers full consultation services and management of licensing procedures across the continent. From tender securing to operation licenses, our network and specialized experts provide local and international companies guidance and management of desired licensing in the African oil and gas sector.

Asset Acquisition:
Centurion now focuses on providing a full consultation scope of oil and gas assets acquisition solutions. With the experience of our seasoned associates, our well-established network of buyers, we are the foremost oil and gas asset acquisition solutions company that simplifies the monetization process for the client and guarantee a positive result upfront.

Centurion has already successfully:

  • Assisted multinationals in the acquisition of oil and gas as well as mining assets across sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Assisted State Parties on the drafting of terms of reference and implementation of tender process with respect to oil and gas licensing rounds;
  • Managed the acquisition of several oil blocks in West, Southern and East Africa for private African and international operators;
  • Advising a multinational oil and gas company on the gas supply contracts to be concluded with an oil and gas exploration and distribution group in West Africa;

A Traders’ Dream

Centurion provides an evolved trading faction that offers the knowledge and experience to create optimal value across the oil and gas value chain, including LNG, crude oil, LPG and refined petroleum products.

A strong voice within a powerful network

From developing government relations strategies to lobbying on behalf of clients for licenses, acquisitions and contracts, we have a voice on the continent and are being heard. Let us create opportunities for you and give you the guidance you need to navigate across African markets and their dynamics.

Centurion has already successfully:

  • Lobbied for a bigger representation of Africa within the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC);
  • Advocated for increased regulatory transparency and certainty across African jurisdictions, especially as it pertains to natural resources management.
  • Acted as a legal advisor to the West and East African ministries for the establishment of a full legal, fiscal and local content frameworks for mining and hydrocarbons;
  • Acted as a legal advisor to several African governments on a series of transactions involving Government-to-Government sales of LNG to various African countries;
  • Negotiated Government-to-Government Agreements regulating cooperation in the field of oil & gas, between African governments.

Developing African talent

Centurion provides training solutions developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills.

Centurion routinely organises and facilitates training programmes for a wide spectrum of clients including multinationals, government ministries and other state entities in a host of African Countries. We also deliver turnkey training programmes for the Energy industry in fulfilment of statutory obligations and on one-off basis across Africa.

Centurion has already successfully:

  • Provided training of government officials on local content;
  • Developed tailored programmes for the training and capacity building of African law firms and lawyers.