Become the master of your own career while working with leading corporations. Centurion Plus offers a flexible working model for high performing lawyers, allowing them to build a career around their lives, wherever they are, whenever they want.

Since we established Centurion Plus, our services have been very well received by companies in Africa and Europe. As a result, talent pool is rapidly growing with lawyers from a range of backgrounds and with varying levels of experience – from former senior partners to junior lawyers. They all have one shared objective: to develop their careers and to define their own work-life balance. 


At Centurion Plus we have seen a growing number of outstanding professionals looking for alternative ways to practice the profession that they love, while balancing other lifestyle elements, such as family, further studies, travel or hobbies. We have created a platform that responds to this evolution in the practice of law, by creating an environment that connects professionals seeking a more flexible work routine, with businesses that require counsel on an intermittent or project basis.

Our lawyers and advisors choose Centurion Plus because we provide a combination of the stability and variety of an ambitious professional services firm, but with flexibility and deep client relationships. If you want to be welcomed into a community of like-minded professionals who earn a lucrative income while offering their expertise to blue-chip clients, then join us.


Qualified lawyers and advisors from all over the world are joining Centurion Plus. Build a flexible career, serve companies and projects and rediscover the balance between living life and practicing law.

We look for well-qualified lawyers, devoted to their profession, and with a passion for providing clients with world class legal services. 

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team of on-demand lawyers, or would like to inquire further on the Centurion Plus offering, please reach out to our Centurion Plus Team:

Keseena Chengadu

Executive Director, Centurion Law Group

Leon van der Merwe

Attorney & Director, Centurion Plus