Blockchain Technologies: The Effects of Cryptocurrency on Carbon Footprint

In the wake of China’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining, which culminated in a complete ban in September, an exodus of Bitcoin producers seeking new homes was unleashed. In the Nordic countries, many people flocked to green energy sources, while others turned to coal and natural gas in countries such as Kazakhstan, Iran, Kosovo, and the tiny Republic of Abkhazia.

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Renewable Energy Plans in Cameroon

Cameroon is a sub-Saharan African country which is bordered by Nigeria to the west, Chad to the Northeast, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Republic of Congo to the South and Central Africa to the East.

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Steps Taken by the Government to Achieve Renewable Energy Growth in Nigeria

Nigeria is the continent’s leading oil producer. In 2018, it was the world’s fifth-largest exporter of LNG and the continent’s largest natural gas holder. Despite Nigeria being ranked so highly, the country has failed to provide its inhabitants with energy security, which in turn has deeply affected its economy as Nigeria’s heavy reliance on crude oil is deeply affected once there is a slight change in prices. It is no news that energy is a major driver of any economy and the inability to provide the same for day-to-day affairs will have a negative effect on the economy. 

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Atténuer les risques de la crise actuelle : les mesures que doivent prendre les entreprises du secteur pétrolier

Les effets cumulatifs du virus corona et des perturbations de l’industrie pétrolière posent des défis uniques et importants, en particulier sur le continent africain où les économies des pays producteurs dépendent largement des revenus pétroliers. Alors que davantage de pays restent fermés et que les entreprises restent fermées en raison de la pandémie, la demande de pétrole restera faible, laissant les prix tout aussi bas. Avocat associé, Oneyka Ojogbo a identifié quelques problèmes cruciaux liés aux contrats et aux opérations locales.

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Juggling at the Top: What it Takes to Manage a Pan-African Energy Law Practice in 2020

At 35, Zion Adeoye is the youngest Managing Partner at an African multi-national law firm. Appointed in 2020 to head the Centurion Law Group, Zion embodies a new generation of African lawyers leading the continent into the transformations that will place Africa as the 21st century’s success story. As he reflects on his professional journey so far, he shares his lessons to any young Africans in search of a meaningful legal career on the continent.

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