Africa Energy Frontiers: Madagascar

This week, we publish our Africa Energy Frontiers guide to Madagascar. Recovered from the political instability of 2009, Madagascar has been positioning itself as a business friendly market for companies interested in frontier oil exploration.

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Africa Energy Frontiers: Gabon

One of Africa’s oldest producers, Gabon’s oil and gas sector has been reinvigorated by new deepwater exploration and a reform of hydrocarbons legislation in 2014.

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Africa Energy Frontiers: Cameroon

Cameroon is now experiencing an uptick in production, revitalizing a previously declin- ing sector. Dedication to gas development and an increase in oil production in 2014 point to a fresh round of opportunities in this mature province.

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Africa Energy Frontiers: Congo Brazzaville

The geological features and legal framework of Congo Brazzaville (known formally as The Republic of the Congo) have made the country an attractive oil and gas province, despite its reduced oil output in recent years.

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