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Nigeria: New Order on Significant Economic Presence
9 Jun 2020

The Federal Republic of Nigeria has published the Companies Income Tax (Significant Economic Presence) Order, 2020 effective from February 3rd, 2020, to define and determine the scope of Significant Economic Presence (SEP) in Nigeria.

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EXCLUSIVE: Mauritius’ New Covid-19 Bill Amends Key Acts of Parliament
12 May 2020

By Centurion Plus Lawyer in Mauritius, Rubesh Doomun Mauritius has so far been in lockdown since 23 March 2020: a short time perhaps when measured by the calendar, but endlessly long to gallop through for barristers whose feet have become accustomed to courts. When the whole world was forced to come to a halt, it […]

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Centurion Plus Director, Leon Van Der Merwe, shares how the C+ model works
16 Apr 2020

We sat down with Centurion Plus (C+) Director, Leon Van Der Merwe, on Centurion Law Group’s agile and customized legal and advisory service offering that brings together a team of “on ground” African lawyers for any deal on a project basis. Leon expands on how Centurion Law Group’s latest hybrid and on demand model works.

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Order dated April 14th, extending the validity of Decree Number 42/2020, dated March 31th, Declaring the state of Sanitary Alarm and Dictating the Policies of protection, Containment and Control of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea
15 Apr 2020

The Government of Equatorial Guinea with the purpose of creating a Constitutional Framework for the different measures that were previously taken and for those that would be taken around the Sanitary Crisis caused by the expansion of the Coronavirus evidently existing in the country, has extended the Sanitary Alarm and also added new policies for the protection of its citizens.

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Legal note: Senegal’s gas code
9 Apr 2020

To ensure the development of a robust and efficient gas-value chain, mitigate carbon emission, limit climate change and bring electricity tariffs down, Senegal adopted Law No. 2020-06 (Gas Code) on January 27th, 2020. Mickael Vogel, Director of Strategy at Centurion Law Group, discusses this latest gas code and its key legal implications for investors.

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When Covid-19 and OPEC Price War strikes Africa’s Oil & Gas Sector
1 Apr 2020

While the short-term effects of Covid-19 on world economies are already being felt and put millions in a situation of economic distress, their long-term ones are yet to be fully grasped. In sub-Saharan Africa, the impact will be felt even stronger because the pandemic is being combined with a historic crash in oil prices, putting pressure on state budgets and testing the resilience of the continent’s strongest energy companies.

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