Overview Of South Sudan Oil, Gas, And Energy Information

South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan on the 11th of July 2011 taking with it 75% of Sudan’s oil reserve fields which were located in the Southern Region. South Sudan’s oil sector plays a vital role in the country’s economy and most of the oil-producing assets are near or extend across the Sudan and South Sudan shared border. Since the split, oil production in Sudan and South Sudan declined because of continued domestic political instability in both countrie

Upcoming 2023 African Energy Week

The #AfricanEnergyWeek conference, the biggest indigenous energy conference on the African continent was held on the 18th to 21st of October 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa. The theme, “Exploring and Investing in Africa’s Energy Future While Driving an Enabling Environment” aimed to promote investment and development in the African Energy industry.    A giant…

A New Order: Highlights On The Innovations Of The 2023 Finance Law In Cameroon

On the 27th of December 2022, the president of the Republic of Cameroon promulgated Law No. 2022/020 of 27 December 2022 which is the Finance law for the year 2023. The distinctive nature of this document is highlighted in its innovations which are focused on the taxation of businesses and households. Although this law grants tax exemptions to boost the productive sector, the Cameroonian government has also given itself the latitude to increase tax revenues.