How Does Mauritius Stand out from Other Offshore Hubs?

Mauritius is widely recognized and internationally acclaimed as the foremost investment gateway into Africa. The country is the eastern-most part of Africa and is a member of the African Union and other economic blocs. Its prime location in the Indian Ocean, coupled with a buoyant financial system and a safe and secure system of law makes it an ideal base for companies investing in Africa.

Circular Letter of the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training of 22/06/2022, Concerning the Modalities for Obtaining Work Permits

The Cameroonian Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Mr. Issa Tchiroma Bakari has issued a circular letter dated 27 June 2022, reminding employers in the public, parastatals, and private sectors of the obligation to abide by the provisions governing the issuance of work permits to foreign employees. As a reminder, in the Cameroonian context, a…