+Experiencia de la Semana Africana de la Energía 2022

Con el propósito de reforzar nuestro compromiso con la industria energética africana, nos sentimos orgullosos de haber patrocinado la Semana de la Energía Africana 2022, que tuvo lugar del 18 al 21 de octubre en Ciudad del Cabo (Sudáfrica). La conferencia reunió a los líderes del sector energético africano a los principales operadores y subcontratistas, a las instituciones financieras y a reputadas empresas de asesoramiento empresarial para mantener un intenso diálogo centrado en los problemas de la industria energética.

Centurion Law Group’s Commitment to a Sustainable African Energy Industry

To reinforce our commitment to the African energy industry, we were proud to sponsor the African Energy Week 2002 which took place from October 18-21, in Cape Town, South Africa. The conference brought together African energy sector leaders and stakeholders, major operators and subcontractors, financial institutions and reputable business advisory companies for an intense dialogue focused on issues in the energy industry.

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Hub – What You Need to Know

Since the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in 2018, by the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, the AfCFTA is the largest free trade area in the world measured by the number of countries participating. There has been much talk, especially in the circles of legal practitioners, concerning the operation of the AfCFTA and its impact on the businesses of their multinational clients.


The inefficacy of the regime for repatriating funds in Nigeria continues to stick out like a sore thumb in the country’s foreign investment ecosystem. Without a doubt, the goal of every investor in any economic setup is to receive a return on investment(s). For foreign investors, an added incentive of investing or doing business, especially in a country like Nigeria with significant opportunities, is the ability to access, and repatriate, funds, without any form of difficulty.


Centurion Plus is the brainchild of Centurion Law Group, which grew out of the demand for specialized legal expertise across the continent. Clients often require project-based lawyers who specialize in high-demand areas of expertise, such as M&A, contract negotiation, litigation, energy deals. While many companies typically employ in-house counsel, they often need extra help during…

How Does Mauritius Stand out from Other Offshore Hubs?

Mauritius is widely recognized and internationally acclaimed as the foremost investment gateway into Africa. The country is the eastern-most part of Africa and is a member of the African Union and other economic blocs. Its prime location in the Indian Ocean, coupled with a buoyant financial system and a safe and secure system of law makes it an ideal base for companies investing in Africa.