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EXCLUSIVE: Mauritius’ New Covid-19 Bill Amends Key Acts of Parliament

By Centurion Plus Lawyer in Mauritius, Rubesh Doomun

Mauritius has so far been in lockdown since 23 March 2020: a short time perhaps when measured by the calendar, but endlessly long to gallop through for barristers whose feet have become accustomed to courts. When the whole world was forced to come to a halt, it would have been naïve to think that Mauritius would be spared. People were excited at first at the thought of being forced to stay indoors. However, that excitement quickly vanished and left something squeezed in its place, something like doubt or fear, where more questions were being raised than answers found. The meditative activity I then favoured was a review of the forthcoming law and the new vision of the judicial system in Mauritius.

We bear in mind our valued clients while writing this article and hope this article could be the hunting ground for them to better understand the forthcoming laws. We are by no means providing a review of the current laws. We are enumerating the provisions being potentially envisaged.

Rubesh Doomun, Centurion Plus Lawyer in Mauritius

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