Centurion Law Group Launches COVID-19 Legal Updates Series

  • The series will provide an overview of the current state of affairs in Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Mauritius, Ghana, Cameroon, Angola, Nigeria and Zambia.
  • Centurion continues to push its on demand legal service, Centurion Plus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Centurion Law Group has launched a series of legal updates where it will be providing the latest updates and insights on in-country changes in legislations and regulations.

Centurion will focus on categories including employment, tax, immigration, corporate and general matters in Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Mauritius, Ghana, Cameroon, Angola, Nigeria and Zambia. The series which provides an overview of the current state of affairs in these countries can be accessed on the company’s website (centurionlg.com) and is now available for free download in PDF format.

“While we continue to urge African governments to roll out measures that ensure that individuals and businesses are able to weather the Covic-19 pandemic with the least amount of distress, we have assumed the duty to progressively provide useful information on the potential impacts of this period, as well as the buffers that exist or are being deployed across the continent, said Zion Adeoye, Managing Director, Centurion Law Group. “We hope these updates will go some way in assisting businesses and individuals to prepare for the fallout of this pandemic and where necessary, our Centurion Plus lawyers are available to assist in real time,” he added

“In addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of African countries have made changes to operations in their key economic pillars,” said Anselmo Eworo, Partner, Centurion Law Group Equatorial Guinea. “As a pan-African law firm, it is our responsibility to ensure that beyond our clients and peers, the people on the ground are also aware and have access to this information. We hope this series can effectively communicate the latest developments in each sector.” He added.

About Centurion

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