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Meet Centurion’s Director of Business Development & International Relations, Glenda Irvine-Smith

Centurion’s Director of Business Development & International Relations, Glenda Irvine-Smith speaks on why the firm is the future of law practice in Africa.
Director of Business Development & International Relations, Glenda Irvine-Smith

Glenda is a qualified lawyer and attained her BA and LLB from the University of Cape Town. Prior to joining Centurion Law Group, Glenda worked for ALN, ENSafrica, Webber Wentzel and before that, at a large global law firm in London. 

She also Chaired the WSG Africa and Middle East Regional Council whose objective is to develop an overall strategy for maximizing business opportunities through cooperation and knowledge exchange across Africa. 

What attracted you to Centurion Law Group? 

What drew me was the Centurion Plus model. Centurion Plus offers the unique opportunity for large companies that need to upscale quickly, take on a new project or grow into a new territory to make use of our flexible lawyers and advisors. Centurion Plus allows us to work with clients in a non-traditional way providing legal support around projects or particular needs that clients may have from a pool of people, some of whom might come from within our firm but that the majority of whom come from our network of lawyers around the continent.

I genuinely believe this model will work on the continent, not only for clients who want to get the deals done, but for African lawyers who will see a rise in volume of instructions and a lot more variety in their work. For a long time now, I have been an advocate for African lawyers doing African deals for the benefit of the African people. I think this model goes a long way to pursuing the interests of the continent and the lawyers that support the societies that underpin this growing and thriving continent. 

Name one thing you are proud to have achieved at the firm so far. 

Leveraging my network and database of leading African law firms and lawyers, to relaunch the Centurion Plus. We are developing an unrivalled database of professionals on the continent and really starting to see results. 

Another reason I have embraced Centurion is the responsibility I have to develop training programs for key decision makers on the African continent. I am particularly proud to take on this role as “empowering Africa” is a key pillar of Centurion. Since I have joined Centurion we have hosted workshops for our own staff and lawyers as well as for the wider law community, such as the one-week intensive trainingconvened this past May. I am also excited that Centurion is sponsoring the first ever International Petroleum Management Programon the continent. The course is delivered by the world-renowned oil and gas instructor Prof. Krishan A. Malik, who has over three decades of presenting exclusive and high-level training to markets who have long been in the game, internationally. I can’t wait to be part of this legacy project, alongside the African Energy Chamber. Centurion was also successfully selected to build capacity and improve legal frameworks in South Sudan’s oil and gas sector – a project awarded to us by the African Development Bank.