Centurion Law Group Acquires Imani Africa Lawyers on Demand, Launches Africa-wide Flexible Legal Services Model

Johannesburg, South Africa  – Pan-African law conglomerate Centurion Law Group now offers the cost savings and efficiency of a flexible legal services model through its acquisition of IMANI-Africa Lawyers on Demand.

Through Centurion Plus, a division of Centurion, corporate clients throughout Africa can select from a pool of approximately 190 carefully vetted, on demand attorneys for temporary and project based legal services.

“Flexible legal services have transformed the legal industry in the United States, Canada, Europe and regions of Asia,” says NJ Ayuk, CEO of Centurion Law Group. “We are confident that with our massive capital investment in technology and human resources, it will be equally successful in Africa. We are very bullish about this.”

“This model provides African businesses, state companies and corporate legal departments with an affordable means of accessing top attorneys from around the Africa including the diaspora,” Ayuk adds.

He further noted that flexible legal services also make sense for foreign investors looking to do business in Africa.

“Centurion Plus connects them with attorneys who can help them navigate all of the tax, regulatory, litigation, and local content requirements they’ll encounter here while keeping their expenses under control.”

“Centurion has always differentiated itself by our ability to get the deal done and being Pan African and pro African. Our growth strategy works well thanks to a strong collaboration with international law firms from the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. The Africa market has changed so much that we now offer work to our western counterparts where skills are lacking in Africa,” he says.

Centurion Plus attorneys have full access to Centurion’s extensive suite of resources and connections. With the firm’s significant leverage and reach, clients who choose on demand services in lieu of more traditional full time legal representation are assured of the same level of expertise that has come to signify Centurion Law Group.

About Centurion

Centurion is a leading pan-African legal and business advisory group with extensive experience in oil and gas law. The group provides outsourced legal representation and covers a full suite of practice areas for its clients, including arbitration and commercial litigation, corporate law, tax and anti-corruption advisory and contract negotiation. Centurion specialises in assisting clients that are starting or growing a business in Africa.