Pay It Forward in Johannesburg

On July 30 Centurion’s South Africa office took part in the NPSPF Sector 3 Pay it Forward / Ubuntu event in Johannesburg. Pay it Forward is based on the concept of contributing to the community by paying kindness and generosity forward – an idea that Centurion believes in passionately. At the event local companies and organizations provided food, clothes, entertainment and training for adults and children.


Attending on behalf of the firm was Barbara Hamdan, Riaan Becker, Joslyn Sithole, Strayson Raganya, Tinashe Samunderu, Razael Manikus and Cynthia Yav. Riaan, a Centurion Associate Attorney, also conducted an interview with Unisa Radio, which provided food and entertainment at the Pay it Forward event.


Centurion is proud to be a sponsor of Pay it Forward, and looks forward to future events where the firm can make an impact in the community.