Centurion Students Excel in US Law Program

Centurion congratulates Jennifer Riveiro Ilende and Beatriz Mayo Mangue on completing their Master of Laws (LLM) at Delaware Law, and Adalberto Ncogo Angono and Manuel Oliveira, who have been recognized for their excellent work in their ongoing studies.

The four Centurion Associates have been studying for an LLM in Corporate Law & Finance from Widener University: Delaware Law School. Jennifer and Beatriz spent two semesters, from August 2015 to May 2016, in Delaware. Adalberto and Manuel will graduate in December, 2016. All of them have earned praise for the level of knowledge and academic strength that they have brought to Delaware Law.

Focus areas of the LLM course include securities regulations and business organization (from registration to corporate structure and equity). The program took Jennifer and Beatriz to Havana, Cuba, to study business transactions in emerging economies, providing valuable experience for their future work in Africa.

Thanks to their excellent work, Adalberto and Manuel have earned International Student Scholarships for their final semester of studies. Delaware Law has offered this scholarship to all incoming students from Centurion Law Group going forward. Centurion would like to thank Delaware Law and once again congratulate Jennifer, Beatriz, Adalberto and Manuel.