New Appointments in Equatorial Guinea Government

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, last month reshuffled the cabinet, making some key changes to positions at important departments and ministries.

The new appointments are as follows:

H.E. Francisco Pascual Obama Asue is now Second Deputy Prime Minister for the Social Sector (former Minister of Youth and Sports, and Education and Science).

H.E. Marcelino Asumu Nsue Okomo takes the role of Minister Delegate at the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Local Corporations.

At the Ministry of Trade and Business Promotion, H.E. Alfredo Mitogo Mitogo Ada (former Minister of Agriculture and Forestry) is now Minister, with H.E. Hermes Ela Mifumu (former Minister Delegate of Economic Planning, Development and Investment) serving as the new Minister Delegate.

The Ministry of Finance and Budgets is now headed by H.E. Miguel Engonga Obiang Eyang as Minister and H.E. Santiago Nsuebeya Barreiros is the new Deputy Minister in charge of Expenditure and Construction.

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Public Investment has a new Minister, H.E. Eucario Bakale Angüe (former Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Finance and Budgets in charge of Taxes).

The Ministry of Transport, Technology, Post and Telecommunications is now led by H.E. Minister Celestino-Bonifacio Bacale Obiang (former Minister of Trade and Business Promotion).

The Ministry of Education and Science has two new appointments: H.E. Jesús Engonga Ndong (former Minister Delegate) is Minister and Her Excellency María Jesús Mcara Owono Mze is Deputy Minister in charge of College Education.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare appointed H.E. Plaxedes Rabat Makambo as Deputy Minister.

At the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure, H.E. Fidel Nsue Micha is now Deputy Minister in Charge of State Works.

H.E. Francisco Mba Olo Bahamonde (former Minister of Transport, Technology, Post and Telecommunications) is the new Minister at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

H.E. Eugenio Nse Obiang is newly appointed as Minister at the Ministry of Information, Press and Radio.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Gender Equality has a new Minister, Her Excellency Consuelo Ondo Nsang (former Deputy Minister).

The Ministry of Fisheries and the Environment’s new Minister is H.E. Estanislao Don Malabo.

Finally, at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, H.E. Andrés Jorge Mbomio Nsem Abu is now in the position of Minister.

A full list of the current cabinet can be found here.