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Centurion’s Employees Return Back to Malabo After Successfully Completing Educational Training Programs in the US

Two national groups have travelled to the different parts of the United States and enrolled in some of the most respected universities in the country.

By Juanita Avomo Mikó Nkene
Senior Associate Lawyer

In 2013, Centurion LLP, constant mentoring, support and guidance from David Baron and Jude Kearney from US law firm Greenberg Traurig we began an intensive and ambitious national training program not only focused in the English language, but also centered in the American legal system notably in the oil and gas sector. Since then, two national groups have travelled to the different parts of the United States and enrolled in some of the most respected universities in the country.

The first group, which consisted of five employees of the firm, came back in January 2014 with notable improvements not only in the English language but also in their abilities as lawyers.

Now in December, the second group is coming back as well. The difference between the first group and second group has consisted basically in the trainings received and the change of the locations. With a customized program from US legal institutions, they have benefited from a 7 month intensive legal program with a focus on, Civil Litigation, Oil and Gas, Commercial Contracts, corporate finance, business law, personal injury and torts, Legal Research and writing, real estate, civil procedure even with English as a second language, they excelled better than their US counterparts.
This second group has had the opportunity not only to learn English but also to actively participate in the American legal workforce. They have served in internships with professionals such as district attorneys and city councils which has allowed them to integrate and understand an entirely different legal system.

Among them are the following attorneys:

  • Anselmo Eworo Milam: Earning his law degree in Argentina, Anselmo been in America from May 2013 to December 2014. During this time, he has studied in the Alabama Language Institute (ALI) at Gadsden State Community College in Alabama where he completed two cycles of intensive English programs. After that, he transferred to Duquesne University, where he participated in an intensive legal program and has also completed an internship with a former Penn State US Attorney.
  • Estela M. Mansogo: Estela moved to the US in December 2013, in Delaware, a state known worldwide for being the place with the most registered global operating companies due to speed and simplicity in their creation and registration process of companies. At the University of Delaware, Estela has completed an intensive English program, and her enormous evolution in the language has left those who work with her every day highly impressed. After the English program, she enrolled at the Duquesne University to participate in an Intensive legal program while doing an internship for a prosecutor. Both, the University and her mentor have praised her as a brilliant young lawyer who stands to contribute in the world of the legal practice.
  • Esther Bico: Esther attended an intensive English program in Newark, Delaware, at the English Language Institute (ELI) from January to May 2014. She later moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to participate in an Intensive legal program at Duquesne University. After the summer program, she was enrolled in the fall semester and started an internship.
  • Vanessa Ele Ntugu: After completing her studies in Spain, Vanessa worked for Centurion LLP for almost a year. Seen in her potential, this very young and brilliant lawyer was sent to the US in September 2014 to attend an intensive English and legal training program at University of San Diego in California. In just 10 weeks of training, her improvements in the language and the understanding of the American legal system are clearly overwhelming. Her return certainly will be an asset, considering how hardworking and brilliant she is.
  • Santiago Olo Lima: After being accepted at the University of Berkeley, California, for a Master in Business Administration with a focus in private equity, marketing and project management, Santiago has now been in the US for four months. He will remain in there until the end of his Master’s program.
  • Juan Nchaso and Martha Abeso are also part of the group of employees returning to Malabo after successfully completing their training and educational programs in the United States.