Doing Business in Africa

Do you plan to start a business in Africa? Are you expanding your business? Are you aware of the regulations and legal requirements? Do you know the most suitable legal form for your company when doing business in Africa?

Centurion Law Group provides full-scope legal, tax, government relations and management advice for starting and operating a business in Africa or expanding an international business to an African country.

Business success in Africa depends on productive relationships with government and private partners and a comprehensive knowledge of the legal environment. We will advise you on the best form in which to register a company, the tax obligations, and the legal considerations for doing business in specific markets. We take into account your specific needs to ensure compliance with the laws of any of our African jurisdictions.

Our team of lawyers has extensive knowledge and experience of the requirements for registrations, legal processes and negotiations with the relevant national authorities.

We inform clients about all potential legal, compliance, finance, tax, management and practical issues connected with starting and operating a business in Africa, the establishment of a business entity (if required) and the registrations and permits to be obtained.

Our services are provided on a turnkey solution basis, offering all possible assistance in accordance with your wishes, and the needs of your business. Call or email us to arrange a free consultation.

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