The global market for legal services and business advising is changing. Clients are changing. Lawyers and law firms must change accordingly, and Centurion Law Group is at the forefront of this change.

One thing will never change is that we offer exceptional client service from experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and specialty. And we are always looking for talented lawyers and business advisors to enhance our pool.

“One of the things that motivates me is the camaraderie that we have among the team and with the CEO.” – Centurion Director

We are ushering in an era of NewLaw that offers our clients alternative options for their legal representation. In addition to our traditional in-house legal and business advising, Centurion Plus is a flexible model that connects businesses with highly qualified, on-demand attorneys. Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America have already embraced alternative arrangements, and Centurion is paving the way for these options in Africa.

At Centurion, we strive for proactive solutions. We are a leader in progressive legal services in Africa, and this is why we continue to draw the best of the best in talent. It is also what enables us to offer our clients a diverse, dynamic, multifaceted team.

“What I really like about the team at Centurion is that we have people from all over the world: the U.S., India, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Spain, France. Centurion offers something different.” – Centurion Associate Attorney

We regularly seek attorneys and business advising specialists with in-depth Africa and Energy Industry expertise. Kindly send your resume to

Centurion Plus: Your Work, Your Life
As part of the Centurion Plus flexible attorney team, you choose your projects, hours, and work load. Our flexible model lets you customize your career to your own dynamic preferences to:

  • Help you achieve a work-life balance
  • Enable convenient work arrangements that fit your lifestyle
  • Match you to the right clients and projects by focusing on your particular skillset and corporate niche
  • Provide you with substantive experience opportunities by staying attuned to your interests and learning goals
  • Offer you focused and finite projects in specific timeframes that typically start right away

“It was a perfect solution for me. I love the work; I love the clients. I love the network.” – Centurion Plus Attorney

Contact us today to learn more about joining our growing team of on-demand lawyers and business advisors.

In addition to our flexible model, Centurion Law Group continues to provide expert legal and business services on a full-time, in-house basis. Contact us today to discuss opportunities to join our in-house legal team in one of our five central offices in Africa.

To support our legal team and serve our businesses across Africa, we also hire the following adjunct professionals on a full-time, in-house basis:
– Accountants
– Administrative staff
– Human resources professionals