Our Capabilities


Centurion has an established Corporate and commercial Practice that provides comprehensive
corporate law advice across the African continent to our clients on all aspects and issues arising in
relation to the establishment and structuring of companies, current company management, reforms in
connection with reorganization, or in connection with the sale or acquisition of business units or their
liquidation and dissolution.

We also provide our clients with unparalleled advice on all aspects of their commercial transactions,
including general trade and distribution law, the trade in goods and services, and at all stages of the
value chain – from manufacture and production to procurement and purchase and the distribution and
sale of products via national and international B2B and B2C businesses in the entire AfCTA area.

Company secretarial is fundamental to the proper, effective and successful running of a company. If companies are outsourcing vital company secretarial work, they need to rest assured in the knowledge that the secretarial tasks are being competently handled.

Our company secretarial team ticks all the relevant boxes – we know the law, we have the experience and we work closely with your company to ensure effective administration and compliance.  With a team steeped in sound legal knowledge, company secretarial work is not just process to us. Our quality of service gives clients peace of mind, frees up resources, and allows them to concentrate on other strategic operational issues.

Centurion’s international expansion and growth team provides some of the fastest growing and most innovative African businesses with cutting edge advice as they expand and grow internationally. Our advice is delivered through a range of services designed to work with businesses operating with fast paced industries defining innovation and change. Our integrated team also offer support on cross-border transactions and market entry.

Our technical know-how, deep understanding of the legal landscape in Africa and practical transaction expertise allows us to optimally assist our clients during all phases of M&A transactions. We advise on preparations and the conceptual design of a transaction, lead and manage legal, tax and economic due diligence assessments of the target company, assist in contractual negotiations, provide support during signing and closing of the transaction contracts, and assist with post-closing and post-merger activities.

We help businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors set up joint ventures, allowing our clients to enter or expand into new markets in Africa, develop new products or reinforce relationships between suppliers and customers. We are experienced advisers on transactions involving both local alliances and international joint ventures in the energy sector, together with the associated employment, tax and regulatory issues. We support clients on every aspect of a joint venture, from conception through execution to management, including structuring, offshoring, competition issues, contractual architecture, employment issues and intellectual property.

We advise our clients, as shareholder to the joint venture, in the negotiation of their rights and obligations towards the other parties and towards the joint venture itself. We also assist with the drafting of any ancillary agreements supporting the joint venture.

We provide advice on national and cross-border transactions to African and international financial investors that are looking to invest in companies of the energy sector across Africa. We assist clients with the full range of private equity matters, ranging in scope from initial fund formation and compliance to minority and control investments, to leveraged buyouts. We create long-lasting relationships with many of our clients, advising on the full lifecycle of each investment and providing ongoing strategic counsel to funds and their portfolio companies.

We advise start-ups and business angels and other providers of venture capital.

To successfully turn their ideas into action, the first step that start-ups will often take is to conclude contracts with service providers, employees, customers and, last, but not least, investors. Yet commercial success requires a legal and tax-optimised structure from the very start. As a pan-African business law firm, we provide entrepreneurs and start-ups (early and later stage) with comprehensive advice for the successful start, sustainable commercial growth, attracting investors and, naturally, for the exit. A solid and well-negotiated contractual basis facilitates the operation and expansion of the business and creates mutual confidence. It is also important to us that our clients always negotiate on an equal footing with investors and all other business partners.

For any company good corporate governance and adhering to best practice is essential. Our team helps organisations meet the corporate governance requirements in these African countries where they do business. That means working closely with boards to drive best practice, shape policy and maximise impact.

We provide advice on day-to-day governance and compliance issues, including relevant stock-exchange rules and regulation and investor communications. Our specific expertise covers constitutional matters, best practice and strategy, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder communications and regulatory compliance. We also offer training and updating services on corporate advisory and governance issues for in-house legal counsel, company secretaries and others responsible for keeping abreast of corporate governance developments.

Africa is a complex continent, with 54 countries and countless regional governments. Domestic and international companies not only need to know how to do business on this continent, but they need to know how to do business on a local level.

Our lawyers are experienced in the regulatory frameworks of many of Africa’s fastest growing economies, and are able to guide companies, providing an understanding of local laws and thereby ensuring compliance with local requirements. The lawyers of our Regulatory and Compliance practice work across legal disciplines and industry sectors. Our specialist team advises on all aspects of regulated public and utilities procurement law. We counsel local and foreign businesses of all sizes and types on the full range of legal, regulatory, and compliance issues they may encounter when they do business with government entities in Africa.

Our practice includes: Project planning, deal structuring, and regulatory sequencing for developers and sponsors; negotiation and drafting of power purchase and storage agreements; agreements for purchase or sale of oil, gas, and biofuels; operations and maintenance agreements, and other commercial contracts, as well as corporate procurement arrangements.

We provide clients with comprehensive support during the structuring, expansion, and protection phases of their businesses in state regulated markets across the African continent. Our Regulatory and Compliance team offers the combined expertise of our specialists – both industry-specific and multidisciplinary. We advise public bodies and regulated utilities on structuring and delivering high value procurements for contracts across all our industries.

Energy is the core practice at Centurion Law Group with a special focus on solar, wind energy
onshore/ offshore, biomass, energy storage, integrated energy, as well as the development of
communal solutions. Our lawyers provide full-service legal representation across every facet of the
multidimensional energy and infrastructure landscape across the African continent. This includes
renewable and conventional power, oil & gas (including LNG), mining, infrastructure (including
transportation), and clean technology such as energy storage and efficiency. Our expertise in the
energy sector spans the entire value chain of the energy industry and we oversee the entire project,
from the planning state the entire life cycle, all the way until decommissioning. We advise developers,
financiers, owners and energy utilities on energy generation, distribution, storage, supply, and
efficiency. Due to our multi-faceted client base, we have a comprehensive experience with all areas of
the industry.

Energy Transition Centre | Centurion Law Group (centurionlg.com)

It is not only the sector-specific regulations, but also antitrust law requirements which heavily influence our entire economic landscape. We are experienced in assisting with company mergers (merger control) and help companies with structuring mergers and filing the necessary applications. We advise our clients on how to design their activities in conformity with antitrust law requirements in various African jurisdictions, particularly where cooperation schemes with other companies are concerned or where a company holds a dominant market position. We also support companies in their fight against anti-competitive behavior of other companies and represent them before judicial institutions at all levels.

The importance of environmental law is increasing since businesses and organisations embedding environmental compliance into their infrastructure, products, services, supply chains and investments. Environmental law thus impacts most sectors, industries, and jurisdictions. Our lawyers support clients across a diverse range of business sectors including power, waste, water, construction, finance, and technology.

Across the African continent our team provides a comprehensive service in this fast evolving and diverse area of law. We assist with complex regulatory advice, support managing a business-critical pollution incident, advising on environmental liability risk in a corporate or real estate transaction or preparing contracts for an environmental infrastructure project. Our goal is to provide tailored and commercially relevant advice which supports with our client’s objectives.

Governed by many domestic and international regulations, mining and mineral exploration companies face legal issues and opportunities that span multiple jurisdictions and practice areas. Success in the global mining marketplace demands expertise from a leading mining law firm with industry knowledge, global connections, and a strong commercial acumen. Mining companies and financial institutions also rely on our help to resolve all manner of high-risk, complex, and sensitive mining disputes. Our lawyers understand the risks and political intricacies inherent in carrying out mining operations, particularly in difficult jurisdictions.

Protecting the safety and health of employees is of particular importance for businesses. We have specialists who understand the challenges for business and who have detailed experience of interacting with regulators and government bodies. Our clients turn to us to seek advice on compliance and to seek commercial solutions to health and safety concerns.

We assist clients suspected of infringements, handling internal investigations and leveraging our experience in dealing with regulatory, antitrust and criminal authorities. We also work with our clients to produce tailored internal policies and procedures to help ensure compliance with competition law. Our clients benefit from our full-service compliance practice, which brings together the knowledge and experience of lawyers from different areas, including antitrust, corporate, employment, data protection, tax, as well as commercial and public procurement.

We advise on a broad range of technology, data protection and privacy matters, including privacy policies, data security and protection, technology contracts, fintech and technology transactions. With most African countries adopting their own data protection and privacy laws, our lawyers are able to offer advice in the often-complex regulatory framework, assisting our clients to comply with the multiple obligations imposed by these laws. We are also well-versed in supporting our clients with the negotiation and implementation of technology contracts.

Privacy laws are being adopted by most African countries. However, as in any other country, such laws are constantly evolving, vary by country and contain many obligations that are often hard to interpret and implement, leaving companies exposed to hefty penalties and sanctions. Our team of multidisciplinary lawyers can offer advice in the complex regulatory privacy framework, assisting our clients to follow the ever-evolving privacy framework.

The percentage of population using the internet in Africa is growing at staggering rates, as the continent is the fastest growing region for internet connectivity. While this is a positive and desirable growth, it comes with privacy and cyber security concerns.

With some African countries adopting their own cybersecurity laws, our lawyers and advisors are able to offer advice in the complex, and in some cases nascent legislation. Cybersecurity regulation comes with a wide array of challenges and serious consequences for non-compliance. Centurion Law Group is able to guide our clients through the relevant cybersecurity regulatory framework in the jurisdictions where they are active. Our lawyers and advisors are not only acquainted with domestic laws but are also well-versed international treaties and conventions that have been adopted by some African countries.  

Our lawyers and advisors have extensive experience in the negotiation and implementation of distinct technology-related contracts. We assist our clients in navigating the often-complex regulatory framework in the continent, which in some cases it is in its development stages or has been recently passed and implemented.

Our clients include telecommunications, marketing, media and energy companies, network operators, service providers, and startups throughout the continent. Our wide variety of clients gives us a good overview of all of the challenges arising from these types of contracts in several African countries.

Financial technology (Fintech) is growing at an incredible speed worldwide, and Africa is not the exception. Emerging fintech hubs as Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt are a good example of how rapidly this industry is growing. The implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement will boost advancements in the fintech spectrum. This progress will cascade in a number of African counties which are expected to see a growth in fintech, accelerators and financial services companies.

Just like in other practices of the Firm, our team of multidisciplinary experts can assist governments in developing appropriate regulations to attract fintech companies to diversify the amplify their offering of financial services. Our lawyers and advisors are well-versed in supporting our clients in navigating the regulatory framework and overcoming its challenges to enter the African market.

We assist our clients in the structuring of complex transactions in connection to technology and IP-related projects. Our team of lawyers are able to advice clients in commercial and business issues arising in these types of projects, including its development, financing, contract negotiation and implementation.


Creativity and innovation are valuable assets and need protection. We handle the comprehensive protection and enforcement of your intellectual property in Africa and globally through our network of partners. We ensure that it is secure and enforce your rights vehemently against any infringing party. We draft and negotiate licensing and technology transfer agreements and analyses and evaluate patent, trademark and copyright portfolios as part of transactions. In addition, we review advertising measures and statements for their admissibility and assist when competitors act unlawfully.

Our team advises copyright and database rights holders and users, to manage, enforce, protect and exploit rights across a range of creative industries. The team has a specific focus on IP matters in the tech, media and comms, retail, automotive and life sciences sectors. Since one of our focus industries is the sports, media and entertainment industry, we have specific expertise in digital copyright matters and have acted in several cases involving the communication and distribution rights in the digital sphere.

We act for a broad range of clients, from leading businesses to innovative start-ups, including cutting-edge games developers, price-comparison sites, newspaper publishers, retailers and internet service providers, helping them make the most of their copyright and database rights. We do have experience filing applications to the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO).

Our lawyers have deep experience as trademark prosecutors and litigators across Africa and are highly skilled in advising clients on strategic trademark protection as well as defending their trademark rights when infringement issues arise. We manage our clients’ trademark portfolios in Africa and globally and advice on preparing, filing, prosecuting, and maintaining trademark applications and registrations.

Our IP specialists ensure that our clients secure the rights they need to develop their business and extract maximum value out of the exploitation of their IP through licensing, partnering or disposal. We focus on our clients’ commercial priorities, while managing legal risks, to provide creative and cost-effective solutions. We advise on the full range of intellectual property, competition and tax issues that arise when business engage in third-party collaborations and licenses, brand demergers and group IP holding structures.

Our patent specialists cover the full range of technologies with particular expertise in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, semiconductors, mobile telephony, electrical engineering and computer-implemented inventions. We help technology companies manage and enforce their patent rights in Africa.

Our Centurion tax team comprises tax experts, lawyers, accountants and business professionals who advice on a range of complex tax and regulatory compliance issues across Africa.


The Centurion Tax Desk provides the following services in all African Countries: 


  • Transaction advisory, planning and structuring
  • Business reorganisations, mergers, disposals, etc. advisory and support
  • Direct and indirect tax compliance  
  • Dispute resolution and controversy management
  • Audit and investigation support
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax insights
  • Tax reporting

Centurion boasts of lawyers and advisors who understand the intricacies of the investment, political and legal terrain of each jurisdiction on the continent. We provide clients with well rounded, seamless and timely market penetration expertise. We understand the uniqueness of the markets and have experience supporting our clients from inception until closing.

The richness of our experience also offers benefits to our clients who operate in multiple jurisdictions. With our integrated service package, we are an unmatched one-stop legal solution for any business looking to set up on the continent.

The Centurion Investment Desk offers the following services in all African Countries: 

  • In-depth Market analysis
  • Incorporation and corporate structuring
  • Immigration Services
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • General Management Services
  • Group Company and Subsidiary Management
  • Investment Fund set up and Asset Management
  • Contract Management
  • Local Content Compliance

Banking Services

Project and infrastructure finance is a highly specialist area that requires a combination of deep industry and market knowledge with legal and risk management expertise, as well as a sound grasp of the financial fundamentals. Our team of international lawyers can provide first-class support in all segments of the energy and infrastructure market. With our commitment to supporting clients with developing, financing, constructing, and operating infrastructure projects and facilities and buying, selling, and investing in infrastructure assets and enterprises, we have the knowledge to understand risk allocation necessary for an appropriately structured project financing.

Our team of lawyers and advisors are able to assist investment companies, advisers, brokers, traders and other entities, navigating the complex legal and regulatory environment surrounding these activities and services. Centurion Law Group can advise investment management companies in their structuring and operation in compliance with the laws applicable to the jurisdictions in which they are active. Our multidisciplinary team has in-depth knowledge of the legal issues involved, as well as a practical commercial ability to deal with the commercial and tax issues involved in the structuring and incorporation of investment management companies and funds.

It is not always possible to avoid conflicts in commercial life. Centurion Law Group has the lawyers you need for these often very complex cases. We have the necessary tact to help prevent conflicts and find solutions for all cross-border commercial disputes: we can advise and represent you in relation to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration and litigation.

With mediation, we also offer an alternative to regular court proceedings. This is an option when the disputing parties intend to cooperate and striving for an amicable solution to continue business relationship once the issue is settled. Furthermore, mediation may well lead to a consensus-based result within a very short time, so that lengthy court proceedings with uncertain outcome and possibly high costs can be avoided. Business mediation can be an alternative to litigation in disputes within a company and/or among business partners.

Intellectual property is at the forefront of technology and IP disputes are often at the cutting-edge of legal developments. We handle disputes in all forms of intellectual property, whether through alternative dispute resolution, litigation in the national courts or the opposition of patents and trademarks in the relevant community or national offices in Africa, Europe and the US. We cover a diverse range of issues, from breach of confidence, ownership, licensing and warranty disputes to copyright, patent and trademark infringement, opposition proceedings and revocation and invalidity actions.

We advise all actors in the energy sector on any legal disputes that arise and represent them both in and out of court: domestic and foreign energy producers and suppliers, electricity and gas grid operators, energy vendors and infrastructure operators, as well as companies involved in renewable energies and cleantech, and banks that finance cleantech projects.

Our specialist tax disputes tax team can provide assistance and advice in all of the various stages of any tax dispute. Involved at an early stage, we can advise on investigations, information requests and settlement of claims.

We represent our clients before courts in most African jurisdictions. Our team of litigation experts has vast experience in complex litigation. Our focus on trial-readiness drives successful and more cost-efficient results for clients, as critical issues are identified early and then used to maximum advantage in the litigation and negotiation processes.

We guide clients through every stage of their cross-border disputes, from crafting risk mitigation strategies, conducting successful settlement negotiations, handling complex arbitrations, enforcing arbitral awards in courts around the world, as well as dealing with any collateral court litigation. We deal with arbitrations, whatever the place, language, governing law, or subject matter might be. Our lawyers have experience with arbitration proceedings at various institutions whether in the UK (LCIA), Germany (DIS), France (ICC), or Mauritius (MIAC).

Our lawyers believe in a pro-active, results-oriented approach to all labour and employment legal issues which may be encountered by our clients. Early intervention, combined with a thorough and ongoing knowledge of our clients’ operations, permits us to offer timely advice to minimize or avoid complications arising from labour relations and employment issues.

Centurion Law Group acts in all aspects of labor relations and employment law on behalf of both employers and employees, representing institutional clients, private businesses, and individuals with respect to drafting employment contracts, providing representation in collective bargaining negotiations, appearing at tribunals, and advising on employee terminations and wrongful dismissal claims.

Centurion Law Group acts in all aspects of labor relations and employment law on behalf of both employers and employees, representing institutional clients, private businesses, and individuals with respect to drafting employment contracts, providing representation in collective bargaining negotiations, appearing at tribunals, and advising on employee terminations and wrongful dismissal claims.

We offer a fully integrated immigration service across Africa. Our immigration offering has a dedicated team of highly skilled and well-connected lawyers and business advisors with on the ground knowledge to assist professionals and their organizations entering a new market.

The team has the expertise and knowledge of the legislative and fiscal frameworks that govern the different regions as well as a firm understanding of all appropriate local laws. Our in-house lawyers and network partners are exceptionally well positioned to give direction to organizations looking to bring employees or executives into the country of interest or expanding their operations throughout the sub region – the team is equipped to handle complex immigration matters that span across regional legislation.

Our reach across the continent has become our signature offering to clients. Our assistance provides a quality assured and risk mitigated approach to our client’s temporary and permanent migration needs. The need for a service like this is because it is paramount for our clients to remain compliant with complicated and sometimes rather challenging regulatory requirements. Our service spans beyond the regular immigration service given our local connections and our ability to swiftly respond to legal and regulatory changes and provide very flexible assistance that suit your specific needs.

From the 1st of January 2021 trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) became operational, creating the largest free trade one in the world by country participation. This economic strategy has created a new framework for trading and doing business on the continent. The AfCFTA provides a unique opportunity for businesses to expand into, or integrate operations in, multiple jurisdictions through the liberalization of markets and the progressive reduction of access barriers within the continent. In addition, businesses can take advantage and participate in supporting the diversification of African economies away from low-value-added products and commodities as well as in the development of regional value chains. The AfCFTA enhances competitiveness at the industry and enterprise level through exploitation of opportunities for scale production, continental market access and better reallocation of resources.


Using its unique position across Africa, Centurion offers bespoke advisory services to businesses seeking to operate under the AfCFTA regime. We provide critical business assessment and assist businesses with ensuring that they realize the full benefits offered by the AfCFTA. Our fully integrated and qualified on-the ground professionals assist in identifying opportunities that flow from this new regime and help clients avoid any shortcomings in their adopted business strategy. We advise on the AfCFTA’s impact on the movement of goods and services across the continent, intellectual property, anti-trust and market access issues and business optimization opportunities.