It is not what you know…it is who you know and where you know them.

Key attributes of our Africa team

Critical Mass
Knowledge base of nearly 50+ legal professionals, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese speakers. Through Centurion Plus we can access lawyers in every country in Africa.

Representation of both African and international clients in a broad range of industries. Our focus has been on the energy sector, but we have diversified our offering without losing our focus. We have a dedicated oil and gas practice which is unrivalled.

Local Knowledge
Our lawyers have a strong understanding of the subtleties of doing business in each of the different countries across the continent, of the OHADA legal system, as well as of the methods of limiting political risks (such as the use of bilateral investment treaties and insurance).

Local Networks
We have strong relationships with law firms across Africa, which enables us to provide the advice clients require, whether in a single African country or on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Our networks expand beyond legal advisers to include key industry service providers.

Global Network
The group has close contacts across North America, Europe and Asia – representing some of the most major trade corridors with the continent.

Country contacts
We know all the key stakeholders in the local industries. In Africa, as with any market, knowing who you are dealing with is crucial.