About Centurion

Centurion Law Group is a pan-African corporate law conglomerate. Operating at the cutting edge of business practices today, Centurion stands ready to provide outsourced legal representation and a full suite of legal services to new, expanding and established corporations.

From our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and from our offices in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea; Accra, Ghana; and Douala, Cameroon, we specialise in assisting clients that are starting or growing a business on the continent. We navigate the regulatory environments of Africa’s different legal jurisdictions to make sure that you can do business efficiently and successfully.

Across Africa, Centurion provides a service tailored to your operating environment, the nature and structure of your business, your level of risk tolerance, and your overall objectives. Our alternative billing arrangements provide our clients with a greater degree of certainty about their legal costs.

Centurion is committed to the highest ethical standards and we recognize that our firm must take a leadership role in the legal profession in Africa. Wherever we work, we strive to be actively involved in business and community organizations and to maintain our visibility as lawyers and as members of our communities. Our personal and corporate charitable activities contribute meaningfully to our communities.

Powering Up a Rising Africa

As the birthplace of humanity, Africa is regaining its position at the centre of global transformations.

Its northern shores that gave birth to the first great civilisations, pyramids and modern sea trade, have become a trading hub between Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world.

Further south the eastern shores where Swahili Sultans welcomed the first Asian merchants throughout the 7th century are turning into new global trade hubs. In the west, where golden kingdoms built their wealth on gold and salt, newly found resources have turned West Africa into a new frontier. The playground is the same but the players, prizes and strategies have changed.

The land that gave birth to the first pro-bacteria, dinosaurs, hominids and the modern homo-sapiens is now home for strong African women and men who, by controlling and shaping their destiny; are influencing modern global economic transformations. Textiles, spices and gold have been replaced by oil, natural gas, copper and ores. And Africa overflows with it.

The continent has the world’s oldest landmass, which tracks mining back over 43,000 years and whose soil has not changed in over 300 million years. But that land is now owned and controlled by its people. The rush to Africa’s resources has become a complex game where sustainability, transparency and distribution of wealth have become rules.

Local content regulations have given birth to strong African companies and created businesswomen and men. Political reforms are putting the interests of the nation-state and its citizens at the centre of economic policy.
After decades of exploitation, political and economic struggles, independent African nations are spearheading an economic growth that thrives to be inclusive and sustainable.

Despite these changes, Africa remains generous to its foreign investors and partners. The continent provides a place where the terms of new economic partnerships can be formulated, where private and public interests can converge, domestic and international actors can forge new alliances and, where technology can leapfrog the continent into a new era.

Born in Africa, Centurion Law Group is a truly African company that understands Africa and operates from the four corners of the continent.
With sustainable development of the continent at heart, we strive to ensure the growth of African content and leadership, the successful inflow of foreign technology and capital, and the development of fair and transparent business environments. Talk to us today about your African journey!